Squash tournament with a fun twist

PHOTO: 123rf.com

The handicap system is nothing new to the world of sport, and the system is often used to level the playing field in sports like golf. The Ramblers Squash Club has decided to implement such a system in their upcoming tournament.

Taking place from 09:00 on Saturday 15 June at Ramblers, the aim of the tournament is to encourage players of all levels to get involved. “We decided to host this tournament to get a few more people playing squash and get more interest in the sport,” said the tournament organiser, Jo Cobbold.

The tournament is not restricted to club members, and is open to any player that wants to take part.

“We did the handicap thing so that anyone can play against anyone,” said Cobbold. “It’s not often that a sixth league player gets to play against a first league player, because they are simply on two different levels,” she added.

Players who play in lower leagues get an automatic five-point lead going into their matches against stronger opponents, as well as a point for every level below their competitor. If a player plays two leagues lower than another, that player will start their game with their five-point lead, as well as a further two for the league difference, totalling seven points. All players involved in the tournament will play one another in a round-robin format.

“The reason for the system is to give the lower ranked players a bit of an advantage when playing higher ranked players, and give them more of a chance at scoring points and winning the game,” said Cobbold. “It’s just to level the playing field, and keep it more fun.”

There will be prizes for the top three players on the day. Spots need to be booked by Thursday 13 June. For any other queries, contact Jo Cobbold at 071-352-7554.

Warren Hawkins