Sponsored Content: World Hiking Day a family affair


Hiking is very exciting adventure for families. These are the family friendly trails worth considering for World Hiking Day on 17 November.

World Hiking Day is 17 November, and whilst you can hike virtually anywhere, there’s something to be said for family hiking adventures in new, exciting locales. For instance, the Serengeti! This World Hiking Day, get outside with the kids and explore somewhere new to you.

These are the top picks for the most incredible family-friendly trails around the world:

Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania


Hike and canoe amidst the incredible beauty of the Serengeti on one of Discover Africa Safaris’ most amazing family safari adventures. Experienced guides will take you on game trails created by the thundering hooves of the great migration and let you experience nature at a closer level than possible by car.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Scenic Spots: Lake Manyara, starlit kopjes at night

Safety Notes: This is best for children 8 years and older especially the canoeing portion of the adventure.

Mist Trail: Yosemite National Park, USA


Featuring two enormous, beautiful waterfalls, Mist Trail is best for older kids due to its length and moderate terrain. There are two different routes to experience this trail. If you want an easier hiking experience, simply hike to the Vernal Bridge and then turn around. But if you want the full experience, you can hike to the top of Vernal Fall, or go even further and hike to the top of the Nevada Fall– a 5.4 miles round trip that will likely take 5-6 hours.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Scenic Spots: Vernal Bridge, Vernal Fall, Nevada Fall, Clark Point Cutoff

Safety Notes: Parts of this trail are very slippery– they go right past a very active waterfall!

The Grænagil Canyon: Landmannalaugar, Iceland

If you are an adventurous family, a trip to Iceland might not be out of the question– and this volcanic trail is worth it! About 3 hours driving from Reykjavík, the drive there is more challenging than the hike itself. Once you are at the canyon, you will have a gentle uphill walk to see amazing formations of volcanic rock, lava fields, and sulfurous hot springs. It’s an other-worldly experience that will enchant kids of all ages.

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Scenic Spots: Look for the multi-colored rhyolite mountains

Safety Notes: There’s lots of loose gravel, so little kids will need help with their footing.

Great Kruger National Park: Timbavati, South Africa

A walking safari is one of the best ways to see wildlife, and you and your family won’t be disappointed on this hike through the Great Kruger National Park! You will spend four days going on hikes through the park with an expert guide who can help you spot elusive wildlife– and afterwards, you can relax in luxury.

Difficulty Level: Moderate (best for kids 12 and up)

Scenic Spots: You’ll find spots on leopards… cheetahs… giraffes… and more!


Safety Notes: Your guide will make sure you’re on safe hiking trails, but don’t forget to bring plenty of water.

There are many beautiful hiking spots around the world, but the best can be found in Africa. From the vast deserts to the mountains to the savannah, there is always something amazing to see on a walking safari. This World Hiking Day, commit to the hike of a lifetime and enquire about a walking safari with Discover Africa Safaris today!