Supplied Content: Colored Girls Rock is making the circle bigger with the launch of their new podcast series.


What started as a regular Facebook page celebrating Coloured culture has evolved into an engaging and caring community with over two hundred thousand loyal and supportive members. Colored Girls Rock is finally launching the much-anticipated podcast series that guarantees to put a smile on your face and satisfy your every need and want. Listeners will be spoiled for choice – the CGR podcast series will be launching with three different podcasts. The LifeHack, Profile and AfterDark series.

The formidable Shantelle Engelbrecht is the brains behind both the Facebook community and the podcast series. Shantelle is a marketing manager and divorced mom of two. Over the last twelve years, her focus has been to create an online community where all members celebrate one another’s successes. It does not matter who you are or where you come from; what matters is whether you are willing to help those in both your online and immediate community.

Shantelle explains, “You might have noticed a subtle spelling variance in Colored Girls Rock. No, we did not forget the ‘u’; we are not that dom. Unfortunately, the name was already taken. However, what we had to give up in our name has been more than fulfilled by ‘u’, our incredible members

What are some of the success stories of Colored Girls Rock?

Community members have banded together to help others struggling financially through donations and direct assistance. Before, during, and after Covid-19, families were supported, learners were aided in attending their matric balls, members could find employment opportunities, and businesses were created and built from this dynamic and helpful online community.

So, what about the CGR podcasts?

Well, there is something for everyone. Shantelle spells out that “The LifeHack series will provide insights and expertise that are not always readily available. How to start a business and make it successful? How to manage finances responsibly and skilfully? The CGR Profile series is about celebrating and learning from our successful guests. Various topics will be discussed, and listeners will be afforded the chance to listen and participate through their stories and experiences. The AfterDark series will delve into the naughty and nice about relationships and sexual wellness while allowing members to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences without judgement.”


Where can you find the podcast series?

These podcasts will be available for download at, the Colored Girls Rock Facebook page, and wherever you normally find your favourite podcasts.

Group Head of Innovation at AME (African Media Entertainment) Chris Borain commented, “We’re excited to be working with Shan to develop a podcast series that builds on the tremendous success of her Facebook community – Colored Girls Rock.”