SPCA Bfn patrons give abused dog a happy ending

Angie's foot had to be amputated, however, SPCA's Reinet Meyer says she appreciates the efforts of those who donated money towards the dog's operation and effectively saved her life. Credit: Facebook

Through the donations of a few good-hearted patrons in Bloemfontein, a dog named Angie was able to be operated on and saved from euthanasia.
This is according to Senior Inspector at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Bloemfontein, Reinet Meyer.
According to Meyer, Angie was found in Rocklands on Sunday 10 April. An anonymous source tipped off the SPCA to go and fetch her, following information that she was being abused. “We found her with a huge chain around her neck and she also had a very serious injury on her back leg,” Meyer said.
Following this, the SPCA Bloemfontein took to its Facebook page to request donations from willing patrons so that Angie would be able to receive an operation. “Unfortunately, we had to amputate her leg because it was so badly injured, but she is doing very well under the circumstances.
“She is still taking antibiotics and today, after her operation, when we took her for a light walk, she was running on the grass, which showed us what a fighter she is,” Meyer said on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, Meyer could not provide much information on the circumstances which led to Angie’s leg being in such a terrible state or whether charges would be laid, as she said investigations are still underway.
Meyer thanked all those who made donations speedily when the SPCA made its appeal to save Angie’s life on Facebook and credited these patrons as the reason why Angie is alive today.
Meyer said only when Angie has fully recovered, will they begin looking for another owner and a safe home for her.