SPCA against killing of pit bulls


The Bloemfontein-based Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in the Free State has condemned the killing of animals.

This, after an incident where residents of Hennenman killed one of the two pit bulls that mauled Keketso Saule (3) to death in Sekoti Mpate, Phomolong, this past Sunday.

Olebogeng Mosime (8) was also killed by a neighbour’s pit bull the previous weekend.

SPCA’s Head Inspector in Bloemfontein, Reinette Meyer, condemned the killing of animals. She stated it is not a solution to the recent problems, thus they requested the public to hand over the dogs that may harm society. Meyer said that people can still own pit bulls in the country as long as they are able to take good care of them because there is no law that prevents them from owning pit bulls at this stage.

“We definitely don’t advocate the killing of animals. There are humane efforts to get rid of animals if you don’t want the animal. That is why we as the SPCA move throughout the country, saying if you don’t want your animal anymore please bring it to us. It is, however, not right to brutally kill any animal. The public can’t take the law into their own hands. So if there is any pit bull that the public doesn’t want anymore, please bring it to your nearest SPCA throughout South Africa, we definitely don’t refuse any animal,” adds Meyer.

Speaking to OFM News, Meyer further said there wouldn’t be a crisis if the SPCA receive a large number of pit bulls, as they are used to receiving between 400 to 1000 dogs every year between November and January.

Earlier this week, the Free State Health MEC, Montseng Tsiu, added her voice to the growing national calls for pit bulls to be removed from communities. She said the Emergency Medical Service personnel who attended the incident of Saule on Sunday, have been traumatised by the incident and have been offered time off.

Premier Sisi Ntombela called on dog owners to ensure that their animals do not pose a danger to members of society. Ntombela said the province already experienced three fatal dog attacks this year, with two of them taking place almost within a week in November.

“I have been disturbed by reports of dog attacks that have to date claimed the lives of two children in the province. The deaths of these children are unfortunate because, had greater care been exercised, their lives could have been spared.

“It is quite concerning to see owners casually walking with these dogs on our streets without a leash, and I call on all dog owners, particularly those of the pit bull terrier breed, to exercise greater caution. People are absolutely petrified of these dogs, and it is little wonder, given their vicious nature,” said Ntomebela.

Kekeletso Mosebetsi/OFM NEWS