South Africans struggling to keep the lights on

Consumers struggling to keep up with high electricity bills

Cost of living increases impact every facet of daily life, including electricity consumption

While load-shedding remains suspended until further notice, many South Africans are struggling to keep the lights on.

This is owing to the Nersa-approved Eskom tariff increases of between 12.72% and 12.74% that were implemented on 1 April.

It has been three months and cash-strapped consumers are paying more for less.

Zululanders shared their experiences when asked how much they were spending on electricity in a month, and did it sustain them for the entire month

“It was always R2 000 per month, [but] since the previous increase [I] have to buy R500 to reach new month – usually three to four days before month-end,” said Fanie Grobler.

“It’s killing us. [In] summer months with air cons running – not as a luxury but a necessity – we [are] using bread money. R3 000 in winter can go up to R5 000 or more in summer, [and we also] have a gas stove,” said Heidi Rodrigues.

“I was [spending] R3 500 to R4 000 before I installed a solar system. In May, I spent R800 and there was still 112kwh left by month-end,” said Ngcebo Mkhwanazi.

Zululand Observer/Kaylene Louw