South African Portrait Society reveals top art works

Above is the image titled "Die Poort (Mamma)" by artist by Anna-Carien Goosen, which won her first place in the competition.

The South African Portrait Society recently hosted an art competition, “South African Living Portrait Master” after it was launched on 1 November 2016. Final submissions were on 31 March 2017 and the society received 200 entries from 100 artists across South Africa.

The top 20 Living Portrait Masters were announced on the 2 May 2017 by the judging panel that consisted of Kara Ross from the Art Renewal Centre and René Snyman.

Taking Second Place, was this captivating work of art by Hari Lualhati, titled “The Dreamcatcher”.

Artists had to show the realism of a human being, present high technical skills, their artworks had to have esthetic value, and the judges also looked for the original use of traditional media.

“There was a specific focus on the merit of the artwork and not the content of the piece,” said Liesel Wessels, founder of the society.

And finally taking the spot for 3rd Place was artist Revalle Beaton with this iconic painting, titled “Amon of Philadelphia”.

This competition was different from other art competitions, since the focus is on contemporary realism, while other competitions focus on the academic value of the art pieces.

The South Africa Portrait Society plans to host the same competition next year, and the winner will have the opportunity to present his or her artworks at the Vrystaat Kunstefees.

Jeretha Oosthuizen