Solidarity tackles Olly over race


Trade Union, Solidarity, says it is sick and tired of having leaders say one thing, only for them to practice another.
This is according to Connie Mulder, who heads the union’s Research Institute, as he is referring to Mangaung’s Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli, who suspended an employee for racial utterances he made on Facebook and is yet to be disciplined for saying “Whites are cheats”, which Mulder says is just as hateful and racist as Kruger’s statements.
Mulder says the union has already lodged a formal complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission and will also be taking the matter further through the Equality Court.
He also says the SAHRC has provided the union with an email acknowledging receipt of the complaint and saying it will investigate the matter as it falls within the commission’s mandate. Mulder says the union would like for Mlamleli to be suspended pending a disciplinary hearing where all evidence will be gathered and assessed.
“Mlamleli rightfully suspended Chris Kruger for his racist and hateful comments, but what she said is no less racist or hateful than what Kruger said in his Facebook post and as such, she must follow the precedent she has set.”
SAHRC offices could not be reached for comment within this regard. Mlamleli declined to comment on the matter. – Pulane Choane