Smart ID cards soon to be issued at banks



According to General Manager at Independent Identity Verification Dawid Jacobs, identity theft is growing rapidly in the banking sector.

Research shows that it is the fastest growing crime in the world today and that recent ID theft lead to more serious crimes like money laundering, human trafficking and terrorism also have sprung up.

To curb the rise on ID theft, Jacobs says the Department of Home Affairs has partnered with various banks to allow consumers to apply for smart cards at the banks in the hopes of reducing the crime.

"The department of home affairs has actually contracted some of the banking sector guys, to issue the smart cards from there as a starting point. So they collect the information at the bank, you can register at the bank and it will then get sent to the department of home affairs," he says.

Jacobs adds there has been additional on-going reports of department of home affairs officials who help scammers acquire illegal IDs.

In February 2015 the Department of Home Affairs issued a statement that from this month citizens will be able to apply at selected FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank branches.