Small Business Unit to empower local enterprises


CTI Education Group’s Bloemfontein Campus launched their Small Business Unit recently.
The purpose of the Small Business Unit is to exchange business acumen in order to empower small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs). The Small Business Unit is a community-based project where small businesses can approach the unit for free guidance in the fields of marketing, human resources, project management and other business-related areas.
The unit currently consists of top business students mentored by their business lectures. The basic idea is that the Small Business Unit will identify the client’s need, whereafter research will be conducted to assist the business and under the leadership of their mentors, students will provide possible solutions to the business.
The vision of the unit is to establish a business development centre incorporating mentor and leadership programmes, offering quality business services.
Small businesses can contact the unit at CTI Bloemfontein Campus on 051-430-2701 to book an appointment.