Skye tackling gender-based violence internationally

Skye Klopper Photo: Kuan Shubane

Bloemfontein’s Skye Klopper is making her voice heard in her brand-new single titled “Mama SA”, which has already gone on the airwaves in America.

The 21-year-old musician is no stranger to the industry, being raised in a musical family and her father a professional musician all his life.

Klopper, who is known for her love for good old time rock and a personal style of writing, said that her new single is a cry out to our beloved country. “I made the mistake of watching the news one day and it was all about gender-based violence. When I heard of all these horrific stories of women losing their lives at such a point of weakness, I was shocked. I realised that I could’ve been the girl that was killed, or my mom, sister, friends, even my cousins. That was what ignited my new single,” said Klopper.

According to her, the song started off being mainly about gender-based violence but as she was writing, more issues that the country is currently facing came to mind. “I wrote this song to tackle some of South Africa’s major issues. I started looking through different eyes at what was going on around me, to create positivity for myself from negative situations. I’m hoping to do the same for others who hear the song. I believe that change is possible in South Africa,” Klopper said.

The young Klopper also released a blues album comprising of her own compositions with the accompaniment of her band, The Trashcan Preachers. They have been performing at festivals and clubs. She has also released her first single as a solo artist, titled “Through It All”, in April 2020. Klopper hopes that her new single will reach all four corners of the world as it has already been played on the airwaves in America.

“Mama SA” was released in December last year and is now out on all major streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Pierce van Heerden