Skateboarding event aims to uplift youth

Dillon Johnson, facilitator of Christian Skaters Bfn and founder of CSA
“Our youth needs positivity, they need physical exercise, they need to get off Instagram and start living a life.” This is according to Dillon Johnson, facilitator of Christian Skaters Bfn and founder of Create Skate Academy (CSA).
This comes as Johnson, together with other stakeholders, will be hosting the CSA Continent Day 2021 this coming Saturday, 27 November, in hopes of educating and encouraging the youth.
According to Johnson, the event is for everyone in the community who has an interest in skateboarding to enjoy, while it also serves as a recreational activity for the youth. “Skateboarding does wonders for people. It gives our kids a new way of life that goes against the grain of what society is currently offering. Under correct supervision, skateboarding can become a career path.”
Johnson added community members should participate, support or serve this initiative as it provides a way for people to connect with their children. “Skateboarding serves as an outlet for frustration and boredom. It gets us being active outside, in a social environment. Rural communities are notorious for their drug and alcohol abuse statistics. There are so many ways for rural community dwellers to find themselves hooked up with criminal acts and addiction. Some are in dire need of a ‘new’ life. Skateboarding can be the new direction they are searching for; it is a proactive attack against gangsterism, prostitution and addiction,” Johnson explained.
Members from CSA, Die Lighuis and Kairos Missions will join hands with Johnson to ensure a successful day. The CSA Continent Day 2021 will take place at the Billy Muriso Stadium in Heidedal from 12:00 to 17:00. For more information, contact Johnson on 065 955 7253.
Pierce van Heerden