Siyabonga strives for perfection in art

Siyabonga Gans, the grade 4 learner from Wilgehof who enjoys drawing from photos. PHOTO: SAZLY HARTZENBERG

Grade 4 pupil of Wilgehof Primary in Bloemfontein, Siybonga Gans, is described as extremely shy, but the 10-year-old strives for complete perfection while drawing. This young artist told Bloemfontein Courant that he has been drawing for almost two years now and that everything he knows about drawing, he mostly taught himself.

He explained that he generally enjoys drawing people and to complete a single picture could take anything from five hours to two weeks, depending on the difficulty. He also colours his pictures in himself. Gans said he is normally provided with pictures by his teachers to draw. When questioned about participating in competitions, he said that he had entered a competition at the beginning of the year and came second.

Although Gans doesn’t have any favourite subjects at school, his mother, Pulane Gans, proudly told Courant that he does extremely well in school.

His sister, Nokubonga Gans, said they first realised her brother has this amazing talent when he randomly picked up a pencil and drew a picture of their cousin. The picture was flawless. She explained that when he doesn’t like a drawing, he either starts over or fixes the drawing until it is ‘perfect’. “He wants everything to be perfect, from the first steps of drawing it, up to the way his colours are blended.”

One of the teachers at Wilgehof Primary, Marelize Snyman, said that Gans is an extremely humble student who does very well in school. “He is a remarkable person and not even when his drawings started trending online did it go to his head or change who he is.”

Snyman concluded that Gans doesn’t think his artwork makes him better than anyone else. “He has received the top learner award in term 1 and 2. Learners like Siyabonga is the reason I am a teacher.”

Sazly Hartzenberg