Six of the best with American smooth jazz guitarist and composer, Earl Klugh



World acclaimed, award-winning Earl Klugh will be joining the list of A-class performers during this year’s 2014 MACUFE. Included in his list of achievements is his 13 Grammy nominations.

His most recent album “Handpicked” released in 2013, got nominated for a Grammy award for the Best Pop Instrumental Album.

To all this praise, Klugh shyly says, “I don’t think I am that guy, I do my best. I love playing at shows all over the world. My team and I always have a great time with my fans.”

He says he is very excited to be in Bloemfontein, “It’s going to be a great show; we’ve been putting several things together in the last couple weeks, and I am excited to see the outcome.”

Bloemfontein Courant sneaked a preview into the mind of this musical maestro with some questions:

1. Best form of relaxation?
“I like to exercise early in the morning, go for a run around at home when not on the road. I really enjoy getting up early and running.”

2. One thing fans do not know him?
“There isn’t much to know, when I am home get up around 9/10am. I also try to exercise every morning whenever I can.”

3. How many guitars he has he got?
“I have about 60 guitars, at least. I have kept all of them (laughs). I wouldn’t give any of them away. I still remember the first guitar I ever, it was a Goya Guitar and I still have it.”

4. Besides music, what would you be doing?
“I have no idea, because this (music) is the only thing that I do, and I am still trying to get better at it.”

5. Preferred drink, Coke or Pepsi?

6. Chocolate or candy?
“Neither, I am diabetic.”