Sitting down with Louise Carver

Louise Carver, Clifford Cooper and Craig Hinds will be on stage in the City of Roses this weekend. PHOTO: ANDRE HOWES PHOTOGRAPHY

Louise Carver is one of SA’s most celebrated singer-songwriters. She’s heading to the City of Roses to perform with Watershed soon. She chatted to Courant about her musical inspiration, her upcoming Free State music video and her love of craft beer.

Louise, we’re so excited about your track “Sunrise” making it to number 1 on the US Billboard charts – that’s amazing! What does this achievement mean to you?
Thanks very much, it really has been an incredible year. Getting a No. 1 on a world renowned chart means more opportunities to work with incredibly talented producers and writers and I also get to perform on bigger stages for more people!

Tell us about your music style… it’s described as folk-rock?
I am a songwriter before anything else. My music has been very varied as I love working in pop, rock and dance. The main thing is that whatever I do, it must make people feel something. They must be moved by my voice, lyrics and melody. The production, whether dance or pop/rock, must complement my writing so that you get goosebumps.

You have an honours degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Why did you, however, decide to pursue a career in music? Do you plan on using your degree in another career path in future?
I was a songwriter from eleven and was signed to my first label by fifteen. It has always been who I am and not what I do. My degree was never there as a job option, it was to expand my mind and help me understand life, the universe and everything.

As an artist with dual citizenship in the SA and UK, why have you chosen to make SA your home?
My parents are British but I was born here. Every cell in my body vibrates when I land back in SA after a trip away. I love travel but my heart will always belong to South Africa.

Where does your musical  inspiration come from?
My heart, mind and soul – that is where I draw all my melodies and lyrics from. I love and live intensely and things impact me both in a good way and in a bad way. These are the things that I write about. If I didn’t write, I would be a very tormented soul.

We’re extremely excited to welcome you and Watershed in Bloem on 25 September for a fantastic collaboration concert! So… why Watershed? What can we expect from the show?
Craig Hinds (lead singer/guitarist and songwriter of Watershed) and I have been friends for over ten years. We started working on this show last year with musical director, Clifford Cooper. We perform all our big hits but in a true mash up style, with Craig singing on my songs and I singing on his. Clifford Cooper ups the game by playing the piano and Howard Combrinck plays guitar, percussion and sings backing vocals. It’s a tight one and a half hour show, which is a joy to be a part of.

Do you have a special bond with Bloemfontein?

I love Bloemfontein and it is a real privilege to spend my Heritage weekend in a city which is steeped in South African history. I would love to spend more time in the future here.

I can imagine it’s no joke being on tour and rehearsing 24/7… what do you do in your down-time?

I walk my 3 beautiful dogs, I see my friends and do this army training work out with an incredible trainer who pushes me quite hard! I also love writing new music on my piano and binge watching series in bed.

Tell us something about Louise Carver we don’t know.

I am passionate about craft beer and always have a pint wherever I go.

I also love hiking – nothing makes me feel more alive and free than a tough hike through the mountains. I love pushing myself and getting to the top of a steep hill to admire the view.

Your word of advice to young female artists who want to pursue a career in the arts and music in SA?

Be original, take care of your health and develop a strong outer shell without losing your beautiful soft heart – it’s a fine line but it can be done.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

A beautiful new radio single and album with music video, which will be filmed in the Free State! A tour is also on the cards for early 2017. – Lani Fouché

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Don’t miss The Coopers featuring Louise Carver and Watershed: A Live Collaboration, presented by OFM, at Windmill Casino on 25 September 2016 from 15:00. Tickets cost R150 for adults and R75 for children. Tickets sold online at Gates open at 14:00.

Click here to listen to Sunrise