Sip’n Paint for a good cause

TR Reginald is one of the collaborators of the sip'n paint event. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Known for dealing with community work and bringing the youth of Bloemfontein together for various charitable courses, the Youth Revolution has now teamed up with a beloved community leader, TR Reginald, to host a Sip’n Paint event for a good course.

Not only does the Deputy Chairperson of the Youth Revolution, Ayabulela Nkwakwa, believe this will be a fun event for the youth, but the profit made from this event will also go towards school shoes for learners.

“TR was keen on being part of this project and we look forward to working with him again in future. It is indeed encouraging and motivating to see people like TR wanting to give back to the community,” Nkwakwa mentioned.

The Chairperson of the Youth Revolution, Lelentle Thole, mentioned both organisations use their funds to bring these projects to life.

Left is Ayabulela Nkwakwa the Deputy Chairperson and Lelentle Thole, the Chairperson. PHOTO: Supplied

“We are students so we would appreciate it if the community aids us through means of donations or sponsorships to make the vision of the project even bigger,” Thole concluded.

The Sip’n Paint event will take place on Friday 5 July 2024 from 13:00 to 16:00 at the Hash Lounge in Bloemfontein Downtown. The event intends to raise funds to purchase and donate 150 school shoes.

Abigail Visagie