Siemens murder: Suspect abandons bail application

Kibi Stanley Bakili (36) in court on Monday PHOTO: MARK STEENBOK

In a strange twist of events, after finally getting a chance to apply for bail this week, Kibi Stanley Bakili, the 36-year old suspect that was arrested in connection with the murder of well-known Bloemfontein businessman Louis Siemens, yesterday decided to abandon his bail application altogether.
This after he told the court on Monday that his family life and businesses are suffering because he is still in custody. He further said that he needs to provide for his two children financially and that he can’t pay his employees while still behind bars.
Bakili will now remain in custody until the case, which has been postponed until 27 July for further investigation, continues.
He told the court this week that he met with the deceased shortly before he was murdered last month, and that text messages were also exchanged between them on the fatal day.
Bakili, who was a business partner of the deceased, was arrested a few hours after Siemens had been gunned down in the basement parking of the Preller Square shopping complex on 10 May.
During cross examination in his bail application in the local Magistrate’s Court on Monday, he described Siemens as a “brother” and added that he was deeply hurt when he received news of Siemens passing.
Bakili said that they had met on the day of the murder to discuss business but he later left Siemens at the shopping complex, as he explained, to “do his own things”. Bakili added after receiving news of Siemens’s passing, he went back to the shopping centre but could not enter as authorities told him that somebody had been shot. Bakili was arrested shortly thereafter.
Earlier the state prosecutor in the case said Bakili had been linked to the shooting through CCTV footage. The state will also argue that the murder was premediated.
The accused is, however, adamant that he does not know who killed Bakili and indicated that he intends to plead not guilty to charges against him. Bakili also faces an unrelated charge of domestic violence.
The police are meanwhile still on the lookout for more suspects in connection with the shooting. Police spokesperson, Thandi Mbambo, said she can’t provide more information as it could jeopardise the investigation
The investigation is continuing.- Mark Steenbok