Show stopping outfits at HFW

The designers' stunning outfits were done justice by the beautiful models from Heidedal. Photo: Pierce van Heerden

When Yolande Macalagh had the bright idea of starting a fashion show in Heidedal in 2017, she knew that a lot of time and planning would have to go into the preparation for a show like that. However, she was positive that this dream could become a successful reality.

Photo: Pierce van Heerden

Now, looking back on the Heidedal Fashion Weekend that took place over the weekend of 20 and 21 April 2018, there is no doubt that her dream has come to fruition.

Photos: Pierce van Heerden

Macalagh, owner and organiser of the Heidedal Fashion Weekend, said: “What a great experience. What a wonderful feeling. I realise it over and over. I want everyone to know that this is not about me, but about the happiness and joy of my people around me. All though I wanted it to be more glamorous, it was all it should be for my first Heidedal Fashion Weekend. I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to work with so many talented and gifted people. The models and designs that were part of the show, blew me away. I believe that the event will grow and I’m already excited for next year.”

Photo: Pierce van Heerden

A member of the audience, Stephanie Myburgh, said she wanted to get into the Events Coordination industry; that is why she came. She said: “It was nice to see which elements play a role in planning a big event and also realise they have to flow into each other. I think what has been done for the first fashion show, is exceptional.”

Photo: Pierce van Heerden

Zelda Myburgh from Guess Professional Beauty Salon did the models’ make-up. “I am glad Yolande started this in Heidedal. It’s not about beauty, it is a platform for young individuals to be who they want to be and to be proud of themselves. Doesn’t matter the size, height or colour, you just have to feel comfortable in your own skin.”
Talented designers who showed off their best work, live entertainment and dreams that came true, made this two-night show an unforgettable evening.

Zilke Prinsloo