Shilowa not our member-Cope



According to Congress of the People’s national chairperson Pakes Dikgetsi, Mbhazima Shilowa left the party a long time ago.

Dikgetsi says Shilowa went through a disciplinary hearing for misuse of funds and was expelled from the party. He was responding to claims the former Cope president made when he signed a pact with UDM leader Bantu Holomisa during the week. Shilowa reassured Holomisa that he would be taking 800 Cope branches that will campaign and vote for UDM in the general elections.

Dikgetsi rubbished the statement saying it is hogwash, untrue and Shilowa was misleading the country. He says they are aware that he and 15 disgruntled Cope members held a meeting in Bloemfontein earlier this year, allegedly named a summit, though there was no statement issued.

“You must remember that Shilowa is not a member of the Congress of the People along with those people that he was at that meeting. They are free to go to whatever political party of their choice. We are quite happy and we are building our party, we are consolidating and have elected legitimate leadership. Our systems are ready for elections and we will be doing very well in the coming elections,” he says.

Dikgetsi says Shilowa has taken Cope to court for reinstatement of his membership a few times.