Shielding Basadi against GBV

Jabulani Skota, founder of Basadi Shield

I decided to take a stand as a young man against gender-based violence (GBV) towards women and children.” These are the words of Jabulani Skota, the founder of Basadi Shield, an organisation dedicated to keeping women and children safe.

The 28-year-old from Bloemfontein founded his company in 2019 after realising how alarmingly high the rate of GBV was. “GBV has been a generational pandemic and the key solution is to teach the new generation to equip themselves against perpetrators so that we can reduce the alarming rise in GBV cases,” Skota said.

He added that educating the youth of the country and empowering them with the means to protect themselves from perpetrators could make a radical difference. “Basadi Shield stands for making a positive change in the lives of people. The name comes from the Sesotho word ‘Basadi’, meaning women. Embracing hard work and dedication, I believe that Basadi Shield can turn victims into victors.”

Skota added that their initial products included an ordinary pepper spray and hand-held electric taser. Basadi Shield offers ultra-portable self-defence products such as lipstick, pepper spray, and lipstick tasers.

The products are available on social media platforms, including on Facebook at Basadi Shield, Instagram @BasadiShield, Twitter @BasadiShield and LinkedIn as Jabulani Skota. You can also call 061 479 5302, or visit the website on

Pierce van Heerden