Shellyvale residents take matters into their own hands

The wall on the northern side of Lilyvale is leaning over so dangerously that struts have been placed on the pavement to support it. The wall is also unpainted, cracked and a total eyesore.

Shellyvale is the official name of the extension generally known as Lilyvale off Bloemendal Road, which leads to the Botanical Gardens.
The area has been extensively developed over almost seven years and is a popular residing area in Bloemfontein.
Although greatly developed, there are still no street name signs, pavements and open areas are overgrown and littered with rubbish, making the area totally unattractive.
Numerous letters have been sent over a considerable amount of time, begging the municipality to improve the area and make the surroundings accessible and attractive for the residents.
Due to the lack of co-operation from the municipality, residents have decided to take matters into their own hands in order to create an attractive environment and maintain or improve the value of their property. Residents and the public attended a meeting on 11 May at the Vrystaat Nasorg Hall, to help start the Shellyvale Action Group. The residents’ action group was established in order to bring about environmental changes. Various subjects, including non-existent street signs, overgrown and littered areas, street lights not always working, etc. The group thought of various solutions, one of which that they would like to contact the successful neighbourhood watch of Fichardt Park. The meeting was very satisfactory and residents will be informed quarterly via newsletter as to what is going to happen. – Jeretha Oosthuizen