Sheep injured during possible theft attempt

Some of the sheep that were transported in an inhumane manner

About 47 sheep were recently rushed to the Bloemfontein Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) after an attempted stock theft in the Reddersburg area. According to the SPCA, they were informed by the SAPS andlater came across a vehicle with a small trailer where the animals were crammed into a small space.

The stolen stock was escorted by the stock theft unit together with the flaying squad to the SPCA. “While en-route to the SPCA, they contacted us to meet them at the SPCA. When we met up with the SAPS, we saw that the sheep on the trailer were stepping onto each other. The trailer was far too small for all the sheep,” said the organisation.

Upon inspection, the SPCA discovered sheep with broken bones among other injuries. The SPCA also discovered some dead sheep that had suspectedly died due to inhumane transportation.

“After emptying the trailer, the SAPS told us that there were more sheep on the back of the bakkie underneath a cover. We found 12 sheep tied with nylon rope. They could barely move. There was also a dead sheep among them. It appears that the sheep had suffocated,” said the organisation.

All 47 sheep are currently in the safe care of the BFN SPCA and a case of animal cruelty will be opened against the people who transported the animals.

Pierce van Heerden