SGB of BFN school where teacher had sex with minor, relieved the case is over



The School Governing Body (SGB) of a primary school in Bloemfontein where a 27-year-old teacher had sex with a 12 year-old-girl between June last year and February this year is relieved the criminal case against him is something of the past.

The chairperson of the SGB, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect the learner, says their internal judgment was vindicated by the teacher’s admittance of committing statutory rape. This comes after a plea-bargain with the state was reached, in which the teacher admitted that he had sex on two occasions with the learner, with her consent.

The chairperson says the SGB is satisfied with the procedure they followed by suspending him immediately after accusations of his sexual misconduct came to light. His suspension was pending an internal investigation, but he resigned before giving his side of the story. The chairperson says the SGB however continued their investigation in his absence and found him guilty of sexual misconduct.

The chairperson also did not want to comment on the teacher’s sentencing to five years with a suspension of the whole period last week in the Bloemfontein Regional Court.

He was also sentenced with the conditions that he cannot take up any position that will put him in contact with children.

His name has also been added to the National Register for Sexual Offenders.