Severe damage caused by floods

One of the homes that had to be evacuated by the residents

The residents in the different informal settlements in Bloemfontein have been severely affected by the recent floods which resulted in them losing their belongings and having to evacuate their homes.

A resident from the Mangaung township, Phase 9, Morapedi Hlalele, told Bloemfontein Courant that the situation was so dire and that they had to move from one place to another just to have a roof over their heads. “The roads were too muddy for us to drive and this resulted in cars being left randomly and at dangerous places,” he said.

The roads were completely flooded and could not be used

He added that it was impossible for some people to get to work as roads were impassable and did not allow for them even to go on foot.

“The water entered homes, resulting in a mud bath and damaging furniture. People were forced to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere.”

Hlalele said many residents in the area were fearful for their children’s safety and scared that they might drown.

He urged the municipality to see to the situation and help the people in need. He felt it extremely painful to see people suffer like that and being forced to live like that.

He also witnessed an ambulance vehicle trying to enter the area but could not because of the roads. He added that the paramedics had to attend to the patient on foot, which took much longer than it would’ve if they had just drove there. “This shows that the situation is live threatening.”

The overflowing draining systems were again one major problem and forced the community to dig holes in order to drain the water.

Bloemfontein Courant did enquire about the situation with the municipality, but no comment had been received up to date.

Heidre Malgas