Sesotho Literary Museum hosts third annual literary symposium

Proffessor Thapelo Selepe

The Sesotho Literary Museum is hosting the third annual literary symposium at the Civic Theatre in Bloemfontein. The two-day symposium includes a dialogue amongst academics and authors who write using the Sesotho language. With the aim being to encourage people to not only read, but read in their home languages. The theme for this year is “Reading the Past, Writing the Future”, with the focus on finding ways to improve recently published books to meet the standards of those written by authors considered to be Sesotho literary legends. In his key note address Professor Thapelo Selepe said that language is the basis of humanity and writers play a vital role in preserving home languages.

“We are facing a bleak future but because we still have people who have passion for the language and people who can actually appeal to the emotions of the people. Yes, Sesotho language like other languages will continue to survive,” says Selepe.

Assistant Director at the Sesotho Literature Museum, Tseliso Masolane says that the symposium is also a way for authors to become educated in the preservation of their work. He says they want to inform existing and aspiring Sesotho authors to continue writing in their language. Masolane adds that authors also need further education on copyright laws. The Symposium runs till Friday, with a showcase of Sesotho Choral Music composition of the late Mabuti Simon Setai during an exhibition called “Books Meet Music”.