Serving Bloem foodies gracefully

The founder of Graceful Munchies, Grace Molatlhwe.

Bloemfontein residents can look out for a new restaurant that will “grace them” with delicious “munchies”. 30 April will see the launch of Graceful Munchies at 94B Nelson Mandela Drive. The owner, Grace Molatlhwe, says she is career-driven – “from being a new vehicle sales exec for Mercedes Benz to a marketing manager, I always knew that I was born to lead.”

The idea to have a casual restaurant that serves Western and African cuisine was planted in her mind when during the lockdown in May 2020 she decided to have her first cookout. Molatlhwe sold 44 dishes for her trial run and decided to continue with it. After three months of selling food every weekend, she decided to stop selling food and do proper planning so that she could open her own food outlet.

“I saw it fit that I re-evaluate my plans and look into expanding and turning my passion into a fully-fledged business. After all, I was doing everything by myself – from meal prep, cooking, packaging and deliveries,” Molatlhwe stated.

Opening Graceful Munchies is not only a dream come true for her, but it will also help with the high employment rate as she will employ four employees. She hopes that in the near future she will trade on weekends as well, which will result in her employing three or more employees so that they can work shifts and get rest days. “Through the restaurant I will be empowering not only myself but those I’ll be working with hand-in-hand to finally provide for my customers on a daily basis and not just once a week, and ultimately with the goal of growing it into a franchise.”

Since her name is Grace, she embodied it into the name of her restaurant. She describes herself as graceful and elegant.

Graceful Munchies services will include small-scale catering and banqueting, prepacked lunch boxes, casual sit-downs, buffets, and deliveries.

Corn Koteli