Service providers urged to report fraud


Service providers are urged to report any underhanded and fraudulent dealings that they might come across while dealing with the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS). This message was carried forward in the recent Women and People Living with Disabilities workshop held by the Department of Water and Sanitation.

The workshop was an initiative by the department to empower women and people living with disabilities with respect to starting or strengthening their businesses and making them better service providers. They were encouraged to not only take on small services such as catering and supplying stationary but to strive to be part of big projects such as building of dams and reservoirs.

Mr Gustavis Makoloi from the Supply Chain Management Section in DWS said that service providers should report anybody at the department who tries to seek bribes so as to look at their bids in a preferential manner.  Anybody who hints at bribery should be reported with immediate effect to Thandi Plaatjie on 012 336 8364, Julia Dirane on 012 336 7780 or Anele Ndamase on 012 336 7432. The DWS employee involved in fraud will be subject to a disciplinary hearing and this would not affect the allocation of work to the said service provider.

The participants of the workshop were also made aware of fraudsters that take advantage of service providers. Service providers are contacted and a request for quotations document similar to those that DWS provides is then forwarded to service providers. Some of these equipment or service is made to sound specialised and only provided by certain companies, whose contacts are then provided to the service provider to get quotes from.

In the next few days the service provider is contacted and congratulated on being the successful bidder. The service provider would then contact the companies and they would request a deposit or money upfront and promise to deliver direct to the department. After depositing the money the company is never heard of again. When the service provider contacts the numbers on the request that is sent to them the number would be disconnected.

Service providers are encouraged to always verify whether a request or purchase order is genuine by either going to the physical address of the DWS office who requested the service or call the DWS toll free number of 0800 200 200.

By– Larry Crisp