Senior Bfn cop unharmed after foiled hijacking



A Lieutenant Colonel from the Bloemfontein Crime Intelligence Unit is unharmed after an alleged failed hijacking this morning in Brandwag in Bloemfontein. Police spokesperson, Thandi Mbambo, says the officer, who’s name cannot be released due to the nature of his position, was allegedly travelling to work when two vehicles approached his vehicle just after 05:00. Mbambo says a white City Golf and a blue Polo tried to force the officer’s vehicle off the road. According to Mbambo five suspects are believed to be involved.

She says at this stage the two vechiles with between three to four suspects aligned the vehicle of the senior police officer, but he managed to escape from the passanger’s side. The officer allegedly fired shots at the suspects and shot one suspect in the shoulder. All the suspects managed to escape.

Mbambo says no arrests have been made.