Senekal residents embark on cleaning campaign

Pile of garbage bags

A group of Senekal residents near Bethlehem in the Free State is continuing to whirl a positive and inspiring atmosphere by embarking on a cleaning campaign.

OFM News reports, speaking on behalf of the group, John Mathuhle, says around 400 people, including farmers and business people, are set to take part in the campaign.

This follows chaotic scenes which emanated from the local magistrate’s court following the murder of young farm manager, Brendin Horner, which fuelled racial tensions in 2020.

Mathuhle says they believe that initiatives such as this are very critical in communities.

“We cannot sit down and fold our arms whilst our communities are falling apart. I think there comes a time where we need to do something about the communities and municipalities that are falling apart. The best way to do that is not to take it out on the streets and break stuff but to say we’re going to stand up and fix our town ourselves, and I think this is very exciting,” he adds.

The campaign is taking place on Saturday morning.

Mathuhle says this is one of the biggest cleaning campaigns so far and farmers have donated cleaning utilities.

In 2020 the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) in the Free State held meetings with different groups in Senekal and reiterated calls for social cohesion.

The meeting included farmers and police, amongst others.

The commission’s spokesperson, Thabang Kheswa, previously told OFM News cautioned politicians to exercise the highest level of responsibility when addressing some of these issues with their supporters.