Security to be tightened at Mimosa Mall after robbery

Security footage shows one of the suspects in this morning's daring robbery at HDL Jewellery in Mimosa Mall.

Mimosa Mall is investigating the possibility of introducing additional security measures at the shopping complex following a daring robbery at HDL Jewellers at around 09:00 this morning.
In a letter to its tenants, the centre management said that while authorities are still on the scene, the mall remains open for trade. The centre management also invited tenants and shoppers to contact its office should they need any trauma counselling.

Broken cabinets after the robbery at HDL Jewellery in Mimosa Mall. PHOTOS: FACEBOOK

Bloemfontein Courant earlier reported about the robbery in which five thugs robbed HDL of jewellery pieces of an undisclosed amount.
Staff members were held at gunpoint while the suspects smashed the jewellery cabinets and packed jewellery in several bags.
HDL pressed the panic button and security as well as the police responded promptly. The gunmen apparently fled the scene through the basement.
No shots were fired and no injuries were reported, but traumatised staff members and shoppers received counselling. – Pieter Delport