Security tightened after #PelonomiAttack

The situation at Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein is continuing to normalise.

The OFM News team was at the hospital with security appearing to tighten some measures following the announcement the hospital would not only beef up its security personnel but also increase equipment for existing security following the attempted rape of a medical intern on Tuesday night. Services are continuing as normal and patients are receiving treatment and care.

Earlier on there was a long line of cars waiting to sign into the facility as opposed to days preceding the attack. Security personnel can be seen with forms screening people going in and out of the facility. Free State Health Department spokesperson, Mondli Mvambi, said previously that additional steps have been put in place to tighten security at the hospital after staff, including nurses, cleaners and junior doctors, went on a brief strike as word spread of the incident at the facility.

The medical intern was reportedly resting in one of the quarters when she was accosted by the accused just before midnight. The victim managed to bite off a piece of the suspect’s tongue in the scuffle. Mvambi says a meeting was held with labour representatives and staff were briefed by the CEO about steps to increase security at the state facility. He says the hospital plans on improving the response between Security Personnel at CCTV booths and those who are on patrols, as well as providing security with safety equipment to respond to any threats. The spokesperson did elaborate on what the additional safety equipment includes.

The South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) has condemned the attempted rape, calling for increased protection for women in state hospitals.

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