Screening of controversial movie cancelled at Mimosa Mall

Movie Theater with blank screen / High contrast image

Ster Kinekor has decided to cancel the screening of the controversial movie Inxeba at the Mimosa Mall cinema in Bloemfontein.
According to a statement released by the management of Mimosa Mall, they have been made aware of the potential threats to disrupt the screening of the movie at Ster Kinekor. The movie was scheduled to commence today and run through to 23 February 2018 at certain Ster Kinekor cinemas nationwide.
The management says in the statement that Ster Kinekor had been informed that there is a group of people who allegedly want to disrupt the screening at the Mimosa Mall cinema today. Ster Kinekor has confirmed that the screening for this movie has been canceled for today.
Inxeba is a film that narrates the complexities of manhood, culture, and homosexuality through a story which is told of a young men sent to initiation school by his father.
The sore point for many South Africans, particularly the Xhosa community, stems from the fact that the movie displays what many regard as a sacred tradition. Another sore point is the fact that it portrays the formation of a homosexual relationship between the two young men, with one of the men open to being gay, while the other is ashamed of telling his family and loved ones that he is a homosexual.
Braam Muller, an art expert and film fundi from Bloemfontein, told Bloemfontein Courant that it is actually tragic that the screening has been canceled, since the movie is being welcomed overseas and doing really well in theatre and film festivals.
“There are still people who don’t find homosexuality acceptable, but it is a way of life that has already been accepted by the law,” he says.
“Mimosa Mall would like to ensure all tenants and customers that their safety is of utmost importance, hence additional security measures have been implemented. The South African Police Services, who have also been alerted, are now on site to assist should it become necessary. Trade will continue as normal,” the mall management says in the statement.
Jeretha Oosthuizen and Pulane Choane