School safety tips to maximise kids protection


While school violence is prevalent and widespread, schools are also being targeted by criminals for electronic devices such as computers and IT equipment.

Dialdirect Insurance shares the following tips to maximise the protection of your children at school, Pretoria Rekord reports.

– Know what security methods, procedures and systems are in place at schools.

– Ensure that both you and your child know what to do in the case of an emergency.

– Ensure that the school you choose has a transparent flow of communication between staff and parents.

– Become familiar with the system used at the school in the event of violence or crime: is trauma counselling provided, for example?

– What is the procedure for collecting children after school? Who do you inform if someone else is collecting your child?

– Where is the emergency meeting point at the school? Ensure your child has memorised the following emergency numbers:

– Nationwide emergency response: 10111

– Mobile phone emergency hotline: 112 – Ambulance/fire brigade: 10177

– Download the Dialdirect Namola app onto your smartphone It is wise to house security systems in the roof or ceiling.

For added support, strong electric protection is advised on the inside of external gates and doors and security sensors should be placed in sensitive areas, including the ceiling, to alert security if there has been a perimeter breach.

Pretoria Rekord