Scarce skills companies wanted ASAP


While some companies are looking for graduates to place in internship positions, one non-profit organisation said it has the graduates but now simply needs companies where it may place them.
The South African Graduates Development Association (SAGDA) said it is looking for companies in the Free State where 27 electrical engineering and 15 mechanical engineering chosen students from the Central University of Technology in the province will be able to be placed in its Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Programme.
“The best part is that we pay a stipend of R4 000 per month for these interns for the 6 months that they will be working at these companies,” says Sandiso Mtwazi, who works as a Media and Marketing Coordinator at SAGDA.
Mtwazi said the ideal is that these students will not only gain valuable work experience, but also be candidates for contractual or permanent employment at the companies where they’ve been placed, depending on vacancies, after completion of their internship.
“We have been able to place students in other provinces, but for some reason or another we are struggling to find host companies for them in the Free State,” he said.
He also explained that even finding students for the database was a challenge as only a few institutions of higher learning in the Free State have submitted the names of those learners who qualify to be in the programme, hence only students from the Central University of Technology (CUT) were chosen.
Interested companies have until 31 October to put their names down to accept students in the above-mentioned fields.
These companies must be in the Free State.
For more information, contact Ntombenhle Mkhize at 011-492-1901 or send her an email at
“We’d like to begin placing the graduates as soon as possible thereafter as our deadline within this regard has already passed, so we’re asking all interested and qualifying companies to come forward urgently. If this placement project doesn’t work, we’ll have to push it to next year, which will be sad for the students we’ve identified as they need the work exposure,” Mtwazi concluded.

Pulane Choane