Sassa Covid-19 grant change window to open


Recipients of the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant will be able to change their payment method for a limited time from the end of August 2020. This, according to Sassa, is in an effort to reduce overcrowding atpost offices by paying beneficiaries through alternative options.

“For clients who have received their money during the past months and would like to change from one payment method to another, they will be able to do so effective from 31 August until 6 September 2020 when the window period will be open,” stated Sassa Free State Spokesperson, Motshewa Maleka.

She encourages people to opt for their payments to be made into a bank account as payment of the special grant is quicker when made into a bank account. “Clients are requested to upload their personal bank account details registered in their names and not of other people. The payment of the special grants is quicker if paid into a bank account. Applicants without bank accounts are thus encouraged to open an account. There are many entry levels, inexpensive options in the market, some of which can be opened online,” said Maleka.

“Those who opt to get their money via cell phone must ensure that the numbers which they provide to Sassa are registered in their own name. Sassa would like to inform and confirm that clients who opted to receive their Special Covid-19 SRD Grant of R350 through cell phone will get their August 2020 payments through the cell numbers they have provided,” she added.

Approved beneficiaries of the grant can change their payment method by visiting

Nomaqhawe Mtebele