SASSA beneficiaries: Here’s how to replace expiring cards


All social grant recipients using the Sassa/Postbank cards due to expire at month-end must collect new cards at their nearest Post Office branch from Monday.

This instruction was issued by Postbank and Sassa who reiterated that only beneficiaries with gold cards expiring this month must collect new ones.

Postbank spokesperson Dr Bongani Diako said those carrying cards that are not expiring at the end of March are discouraged from making attempts to collect new cards at the Post Office this month.

“With Sassa, we will issue a public announcement regarding the dates and processes for the collection of Sassa/Postbank gold cards that expire in the following months,” added Diako.

“Grant recipients with cards expiring in [the next few] months should not be concerned because they will continue to receive their social grant monies into those cards as they remain valid.

“As of Monday, we will be dedicated to the issuing of cards to the old age grant recipients and persons who receive disability grants.

“Wednesdays to Saturdays, starting from March 15, will be dedicated to the collection of new gold cards for recipients receiving child support grants and those who receive all other grants. Social grant beneficiaries must bring their ID and Sassa/Postbank gold card to their nearest branch.

“Our staff members will assist grant recipients to activate the new cards, and the cards will be operational immediately to make withdrawals or any other type of transactions.

“No person will be able to collect a Sassa/Postbank gold card on behalf of another unless they are registered with Sassa as a procurator,” he said.

George Herald