‘SA’s education standard must improve by 20%’



The South African Teachers’ Union (Satu) wants the standard of South African education to be improved significantly.
CEO of the union, Chris Klopper, said teachers’ unions must join hands with government to ensure that the country’s education becomes one of the best in the world.

"One of the biggest challenges that face education is to address the standard of education, to ensure that we really have a world class education system. We should start with pre-schools and foundation phase, and get that in place before moving to higher levels," he said.

Speaking at the inauguration of their new offices in Bloemfontein over the weekend, Klopper added that their objective is to see the country’s education quality improve by at least 20%.

"We would like to see the following subjects being addressed seriously: Languages, mathematics, science and accountancy. We would really like to see the quality being improved by 20%," he explained.

In addition, the union’s provincial secretary, Magda Strydom, described the teaching profession as "an occupation with no rest". This as she explained how teachers are always faced with an overwhelming workload.

"Most teachers are faced with a tremendous workload. They never have time to do anything else. They work long hours, and upon arrival at home, they have scripts to mark. Teaching has become a work-and-no-personal life to many. There’s no life outside work," she said.

Asked what could be a possible solution to the predicament, Strydom added: "Teachers should decide how far they can go with sacrificing their family time in the interest of education. However, there are very dedicated teachers out there who are always willing to go an extra mile."