SA’s #Covid19 deaths increase by 111

South African health Minister Zweli Mkhize has said on Tuesday that the cumulative number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in South Africa is 106,108 with 111 new deaths (compared with 61 reported on Monday) and 55,045 recoveries.

Although the Western Cape still consistently has the highest number of infections at 53,512 it now accounts for just over half of the total cases (50,4 compare with about 60 percent last week).

Meanwhile, in Gauteng figures have increased to 24,041 (22.7 percent of infections) and the Eastern Cape has soared to 18,108 cases (or 17.1 percent of the total confirmed cases.

KwaZulu-Natal has, 625 (just 5.3 percent of infections) while North West has 2,454 (2.3 percent) of cases.

All other provinces are still under the 1,000 mark, with Free State at 814, Limpopo and Mpumalanga both at 622 and Northern Cape with just 270.

The total number of tests completed is 1,382,772 tests with 29,596 new tests are reported. Of these, the private sector has completed 685,608 (50 percent) and the public sector 697,164.

“Regrettably, we report a further 111 Covid-19 related deaths – 1 from Mpumalanga, 4 from KwaZulu-Natal, 28 from Eastern Cape and 78 from Western Cape. This brings the total deaths to 2102,” the minister said.

“We wish to express our condolences to the loved ones of the departed and thank the healthcare workers who treated the deceased.”

While the mortality rate is 2% the recovery rate is at 51.9 percent (55,045), Mkhize said.

African News Agency (ANA)