SAPS warns against the use of police property and uniforms


Members of the public are urged to take note that the wearing of a uniform or distinctive marks of the South African Police Service (SAPS) by anyone who is not a member of the SAPS, or does not have permission from the National Commissioner, is an offence.


SAPS issued a warning to the public against the use of unauthorised and illegal use of its property. This includes the use of uniforms, equipment, and emblems. 


The warning comes after a video clip circulated on social media platforms earlier this month, showing a civilian in a marked police vehicle wearing a SAPS cap


“This unauthorised use of SAPS property and uniform is in direct contravention of the SAPS Act,” it warned


According to SAPS, the civilian has committed “at least three offenses in terms of the SAPS Act; Section 66 (1), 68(1) and 68(3) in that he wore the emblems and official insignia of the police.”


Compiled by Gypseenia Lion