SANBS calls for blood type O donations, stock levels low


The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) has called on blood type O donors to donate blood as their stock levels have dipped below three days’ supply.

On Monday, they warned that their stock levels, in general, were critically low. The SANBS needs 5 days of stock to supply the country’s needs, reports The Citizen.

Earlier in December, the SANBS noted that although the festive season is fun for most people, it is a difficult period for doctors who work hard to save lives, needing blood and blood products to do so.

“Traditionally, December is a difficult time for the SANBS, with limited access to corporate blood drives and availability of donors, impacting on the ability to collect the minimum of 3 500 units of blood a day that are needed to treat patients,” said Ravi Reddy, SANBS Chief Operations Officer.

“Our Group O blood stocks have dropped significantly and we are appealing to all South Africans to donate a unit of blood in aid of those in need of it,” added Reddy.

Blood donations are considered an essential service and can still take place during the lockdown.

Christelle du Toit