Samwu to iron out labour issues with Mangaung Metro


The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) says an agreement regarding labour issues raised within the Mangaung Metro is expected to be reached today in a meeting with the Local Labour Forum (LLF).

The union’s Provincial Secretary, Thabang Tseuoa, says it is of the utmost concern to reach an agreement on issues relating to the adjustment of salaries and the permanent employment of temporary workers. He maintains that there is an urgent need to adjust workers’ salaries to the standard similar to that of other metro municipalities in the country.

Tseuoa says they are hopeful that by the end of the day there will be a clear indication of a way forward.

He says this matter cannot be ignored/put to bed and issues faced by workers need to be resolved urgently.

“We have raised many issues of which some we consider to be urgent, while others are long-term issues that will require a collaborative effort from all the parties.”

He says allegations that its members were involved in the torching of the city hall are premature and they are awaiting investigations to ascertain what exactly has transpired.

“We are waiting for the investigations to be concluded to determine what or who caused the fire at the city hall,” he added.

Tseuoa maintains that the strike has ended since the labour court declared it illegal and that Samwu members will be at work this week.

Katleho Morapela-