Saliwe Productions navigates the creative landscape


Founder of Saliwe Productions, Pulane Nel-Sekepe, prides herself in the fact that the production company actively seeks talent from varied backgrounds, ensuring authenticity in all their narratives.

“Diversity and inclusion aren’t checkboxes, they’re interwoven into our company’s fabric,” said Nel-Sekepe.

According to her, despite facing industry challenges, Saliwe Productions remained steadfast in its mission. From technological advancements to budget constraints, each obstacle served as a source for innovation and adaptation.

“We focus on creating content aligned with our mission of joy and empowerment. We’re not afraid to try new things or experiment with new distribution methods to reach our audience where they are,” said Nel-Sekepe.

She further said they are thrilled to be developing projects with established Bloemfontein brands in the future.

When it comes to AFP television productions, Nel-Sekepe sees Saliwe Productions becoming a driving force for showcasing the incredible stories of established brands in the central South African region.

“This area has been somewhat overlooked, and it’s brimming with remarkable businesses boasting rich histories, strong family legacies, and truly brilliant stories to tell. Our short-term strategy is to literally put these brands on a national stage through captivating AFP television productions,” she said.

“We want to use this platform to highlight all that Bloemfontein has to offer, not just to the Free State, but to all of South Africa. We’re deeply passionate about this city and its people, and we believe their unique and surprising stories deserve to be heard,” she further said.

Central to Saliwe Productions’ identity is collaboration and talent development. “Collaboration is in our DNA. We have regular team ideation sessions where everyone’s voice is valued, regardless of seniority. We also offer mentorship programmes, partnering experienced filmmakers with newcomers. It’s that focus on growth and opportunity that draws people in,” said Nel-Sekepe.

Looking ahead, she sees Saliwe Productions as a transformative force in the industry, bridging regional narratives with a national audience. “We’ll become a bridge – connecting these central South African brands with a wider audience and celebrating the distinct character of Bloemfontein within the national narrative. It’s a win-win – brands flourish, and viewers discover a hidden gem within South Africa.”

Justine Fortuin