Saints academy’s ‘finest product’

The band members are from left: Vianno Van Staden (Pianist), Gift Lekopa (Lead guitarist), Katlego Pebane (Bass guitarist) and Leander De Wee (Drummer).

The Saints Music Academy has produced one of its finest products to date in the form of a four-piece band. These young boys are budding, self taught prodigies who are spreading their gift through music. The band is made up of guitarist Gift, drummer Leander, pianist and drummer Vianno, and base guitarist Katlego.

It all started with Gift who joined the Music Academy in 2016 and started showing true potential. He asked if he could bring along some of his friends to the academy and (as they say), the rest is history. “One of our goals at the Saints Music Academy is to make music available to everybody, and create a loving environment for everyone to grow into the best they can be as human beings and musicians,” said one of the boys’ music teachers, Gerrie van Heerden.

“We would like to show the world that there is more than one music style in music education and that students can do well if one just allows them to be creative. We also would like to show that it’s never about the teachers, it’s always about the students. They are the reason we do what we do in the first place.”

The band has just signed a record deal which they hope will help them get their music out there, especially to their supporters. The band would like to also use it as an opportunity to establish themselves as musicians and composers while also getting the chance to perform alongside the greatest jazz musicians of South Africa.

Bloemfontein jazz lovers are encouraged to witness the quartet’s talent by attending a showcase they are hosting this coming Friday 17 August at 59Plenty. Those who want to attend can expect a first-hand experience of the boys’ musical capabilities and an introduction to the band’s material which they are going to record for an album at a later stage. The event will be used to raise funds so that the band can get musical instruments which will be useful for their tours and concerts. – Molebogeng Malebo