Sadtu members will strictly stick to working hours, nothing more


Members of the South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) in the Free State have decided to strictly stick to their contractual working hours, and not work or do any other work activities after hours.

Sadtu’s provincial secretary, Makholoane Moloi, said a decision was taken after an executive committee meeting and they have already embarked on a ‘work-to-rule’ campaign.

“We have made it clear that Sadtu members will confine themselves to the contractual obligation of seven hours. There should be no work activities beyond seven hours and it should strictly be teaching and learning. So, no meetings with the department, no workshops and no extra-curriculum activities. We are embarking on a process of informing members, stakeholders and everyone.”

Moloi further explained that teachers daily teach overcrowded classes. According to him, the ratio of one teacher to thirty learners is a thorny issue. Moloi alluded that there were classes that accommodate 120, 114 or 98 learners.

He explained that the preferred ratio doesn’t apply in the province, despite the department of education indicating that it should. According to Moloi, the current ratio is one teacher to forty learners or more.

“The teachers in the Free State are teaching overcrowded classes. They cannot give attention to individual learners, hence we have situations at a later stage where many learners fail their subjects. It is because these learners are not being given enough attention because of the huge number of learners in classes. On 20 April, we will be embarking on a provincial march in pursuance of our campaign against the MEC of Education. It is unfortunate but it is something that we cannot avoid as an organisation.”