Sacci backing FSCCI

Different stakeholders who attended the training and strategic session at the back, Jaco Grobbelaar (auditor FSCCI), Carl Thomas (Head: Sanlam), Adv Charlie Naidoo (MMM), Andor van der Linde (Marketing FSCCI), Ntombi Sithole (2nd vice-pres. FSCCI), Tony Bruno (1st vice-pres.) and George Mokgothu (councillor FSCCI). In front are Linda Blackbeard (chair Sacci), Mimie Jacobs (Pres. FSCCI) and Costa Pierides (consultant Sacci). Photo: Pierce van Heerden

The newly established Free State Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSCCI) has held a strategic and training session with the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Sacci) at the Sanlam Building in Bloemfontein.

The FSCCI, established in November 2018, is a new non-profit institution representing the private sector in the Free State Province. Sacci is the largest national chamber in South Africa with a three-tiered membership. It embraces all aspects of business, from the 50 odd large corporates and multinationals through to the 20 large national associations. This includes the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) through to the largest employer grouping in South Africa, being the Security Industry Alliance (SIA), which employs around half a million people.

In an interview with Bloemfontein Courant, the independent consultant of Sacci, Costa Pierides, said the FSCCI is one of the new chambers formed in the Free State which is getting the full backing and support of the national office of Sacci.

“We are here to assist the FSCCI in any way possible. We will be involved in the process of seeing the chamber through to its successful implementation. We want to see it grow while growing the economy of the region.

“The growth of the region’s economy is important to the national body, and for that reason Sacci is fully backing the FSCCI. We are assiting the team here with initiatives and bringing in the national perspective so that they could leverage on the national capabilities of our office,” Pierides said.

According to him the vision will always be indicated by the chambers in the Free State as they have five chambers in the Free State, so each of those has a particular idea of what it wants to see happen. Some have a more agricultural focus and others have a more manufacturing nature. – Pierce van Heerden