SA Tourism and Google sign agreement

Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille to sign agreement between SA Tourism and Google. PHOTO: GCIS

Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille will finalise a collaboration agreement with Google, marking a significant step in the Ministry of Tourism’s commitment to harnessing technology for the promotion of South Africa’s tourism offerings. The agreement, to be signed by Minister De Lille and Dr Alistair Mokoena, the Country Director for Google South Africa, signifies an alliance between the government and the international technology giant.


In the age of digital transformation, partnerships between such entities hold the potential to reshape industries and elevate public services. The Department of Tourism emphasises that this collaboration with Google will pave the way for an innovative partnership. The focus will be on non-monetary exchanges, allowing both parties to leverage their respective strengths for mutual benefit.


This initiative aligns with the department’s overarching goal of incorporating technology to enhance the marketing of South Africa as a premier tourist destination. The collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Tourism and Google will drive positive changes in the tourism landscape, showcasing the power of public-private partnerships in the digital era.


“The primary goal of the partnership is to harness Google’s technological expertise to support the Ministry of Tourism’s efforts in promoting South Africa as a prime tourist destination. The partnership aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, skills development, and the use of digital tools to enhance tourism experiences and sustainability,” the department said in a statement.


The collaborative efforts will span across several fields, encompassing digital skills training, the promotion of culture and heritage sites, and the development of thought leadership initiatives.


“By tapping into Google’s technology through digital skills training and the sharing of insights, South Africa’s industry, notably SMMEs, can present their offerings in innovative ways, engaging potential tourists and inspiring them to explore the country.


“The collaboration is in line with the goal of increasing international arrivals and growing domestic trips in South Africa. This in turn will help tourism businesses grow, help the country’s economic growth, and support job creation efforts,” the department said.


Compiled by Warren Hawkins