SA learners should celebrate global science experiment


SABRINA DEAN – The driver of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, Royal Air Force jet fighter pilot Andy Green, says the global science experiment is something that every learner in South Africa and the world at large can get excited about.
Green is in South Africa to address math teachers and lectures attending the annual Association of Mathematics Educators of South Africa conference underway in Kimberley this week. The theme this year is “Demystifying Mathematics” and Green says the Bloodhound Project is a wonderful way to make math “spring to life” for teachers and learners.
"We’ll be running that car in the Northern Cape next year and the year after that. Over two years we will be working up to 1600km/h for a new world record.
"That is a science experiment that the whole world is going to be watching here in South Africa and that is something that every math learner in SA ought to be sharing and be excited and be proud about," he says.
Green refers to Bloodhound as the world’s largest open-source engineering adventure and says the project is also providing numerous spin-of benefits for the Northern Cape and South Africa. This ranges from upgrading of the mobile phone network to facilitate broadcasts of every test run, installation of a water pipeline to Rietfontein to cater for thousands of anticipated spectators, job creation and so forth.