SA brothers develop Ebola Care app



The claws of Ebola have taken more than 5 000 lives since March this year, but a simple App (Application) is offering a glimmer of relief. Philip and Malan Joubert, two brothers from Stellenbosch, based in California USA have developed an Ebola Care app to aid organisations fighting Ebola.

Built, using their company the Journey Platform, the EbolaCare app is currently being piloted in Liberia with two NGOs and 20 users.

"One of the challenges we faced were that the NGOs were  struggling to get data from the field fast enough, because we assumed they used paper forms. Reaching the NGOs has been extremely hard. Sam Hereing is data manager that side. Another challenge we had was how to get phones to Liberia, so we ended up shipping phones out of New York into Liberia," he says.

Joubert says this Ebola Care app will replace paper forms and will save health workers time to access data from the field. The app which they started working on about two weeks ago can work offline, and is customised for each NGO’s needs and processes. Further plans include getting 1 000 phones with the app deployed in West Africa.

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