#RWC2019: Springbok T-shirts sold out

Sporting goods stores in Bloemfontein say Springboks T-shirts are selling like hot cakes.

John Maduna, a sales representative from one of these warehouses, says the Springboks home fan T-shirts in their store were sold out just moments after the sale was announced. This is prior to the Rugby World Cup final clash between South Africa’s Springboks and England’s Lions this Saturday.

One Springbok fan wanted to buy the T-shirt for his son, “a new Bokke fan”, he explained, however, the children’s T-shirts were also sold out. A store manager from another sports warehouse shared the same sentiments as Maduna. She explained that people’s current favourite Springboks clothing items are T-shirts and caps because of the hot weather.

OFM News/Marvin Ntsane