‘Rubbish tornado’ hits Pres Steyn Street in Bfn

Staff members of Bfn Dental Care, rolling up their sleeves to help clean their pavement were from the left Mpho Modisapudi, Tanya Peirce , Natasha Mulders, an unknown Samaritan who stopped and started assisting them, as well as Chantal Venter. PHOTO: PIETER DELPORT

Pres Steyn Street in Westdene, Bloemfontein looked like it had been hit by a “rubbish tornado” this morning.

When employees of the different businesses in the street arrived for work this morning they were shocked to find all the rubbish bags that lined the street ripped open and the content spread all over the pavements.

According to Tanya Pierce, admin-manager at Bfn Dental Care, the rubbish bags were supposed to be removed yesterday but the Mangaung Metro’s Municipality’s waste management didn’t pitch.

“This week was the fourth week in a row that our rubbish was not collected on time. Although this is not the first time that the bags had been ripped open, it has never been this bad. This could not have been the work of the informal recyclers who normally only look for paper and plastic. It almost looks as if someone deliberately cut open the bags and spread the content on the pavement,” said a furious Pierce.

Pierce and her fellow staff members had to roll up their sleeves from about 07:00 this morning to clean the pavement in front of the surgery before their first patients arrive at opening time. She explained that the nature of their business needs a clean and sterile environment.

“This is a dental surgery and as such it needs a clean environment. We want to welcome our patients under acceptable circumstances. We don’t have a garden but we have employed a permanent gardener to make sure our premises remain spotless. That is how important cleanliness is to us,” said Pierce.

She puts the blame for the situation squarely on the shoulders of the municipality. “Surely they can’t be blamed for the fact that someone came and ripped open our bags, but if they collected the rubbish on time, Pres Steyn Street would not have looked like this today. We have taken pictures and we intend taking the matter further. Things can’t carry on like this,” she concluded.

Pieter Delport